Partnering with LAM means you are additionally partnering with our well developed network of vendor partners. Through our unique and long-standing industry relationships, we offer you a comprehensive program of current technology, high quality products and the ability and opportunity to grow with us.
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  LAM Systems is your trusted supplier for all technology products. If you have a specific need and/or request, please contact a LAM technology specialist today. info@lamsystems.com  
  LAM HAS A FULL-LINE OF TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS. Featured below are LAM technology partners. Consult your LAM representative for specific products from each vendor.
LAM is partnered with two industry giants...
As an Intel® Channel Partner Premier Member, LAM Systems
is uniquely qualified to take you and your business to the cutting edge of the industry. LAM is exclusively recognized as a preferred provider and will help you make the most of Intel® products and technology. Honored as a member of the Intel Board of Advisors, one of only 14 OEM Systems Builders to achieve this status, LAM
is more than just another technology vendor. LAM Systems is your Intel® product, services and technology expert. Please contact us to learn how we can help you create the right solution for your computer needs so you may increase productivity, receive the latest products and services and attain every goal to expand and grow your business.  
* Intel® is a registered trademark of the Intel Corporation  
"LAM Systems, Inc. has been an Intel Channel Premier Member since March 2001 and part of the Education Specialist Program since April 2003. LAM Systems was invited to join the Intel Channel Partner Premier Members Board of Advisors in June 2003. Intel looks forward to working with LAM Systems now and into the future providing Intel technologies through our 'building blocks' for integration into their desktop, notebook and server products."
      - Sean O'Connell, Intel Corporation  

Through our strength of buying power, LAM Systems has achieved Microsoft Direct status, becoming the only PA OEM System Builder with such a title. Additionally, LAM holds the Gold Certified Partner st atus and is honored to be one of 13 OEM System Builders in North America .
designated to Microsoft’s Partner Advisory Council. Whether it is understanding the newest operating system on the market, questions about licensing or the latest security patches, LAM Systems has the full power and resources of Microsoft® behind us. Our relationship with Microsoft® allows us to bring them to you. Microsoft® partners with LAM Systems to host events that bring Microsoft® field specialists to speak and address your questions and concerns personally. We can put you face-to-face with the people that can give you the answers to your questions. LAM Systems is very proud and honored to carry this unique and prestigious position with Microsoft®. It allows us to serve you in a way that goes beyond the sale of a computer.  
* Microsoft® is a registered trademark of the Microsoft Corporation  
"LAM Systems is Microsoft's largest custom computer manufacturer in Pennsylvania. LAM continues to be a valued partner and is currently one of only 13 System Builders in the country serving as a member of the Microsoft Partner Advisory Council. They have achieved the honored status of Gold Certified Partner. LAM has successfully proven themselves over many years of offering and supporting Microsoft's latest technologies in serving the education, government, reseller and other markets."
      - Deana Grammo, Microsoft Corporation  

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